10,000 Steps Per Day

So recently I have taken to actually wearing a piece of hardware most of us own nowadays. A fitness tracker. I actually bought it what feels like forever ago but haven’t actually used it. When I bought my Fitbit Zip I just wanted a nice pedometer and the sleep tracking type had not been introduced yet. I just figured with my jog as a Licensed Massage Therapist surely I hit somewhere near the recommended 10,000 steps per day , right? And even on my days off we live in a three story house and I walk up and down stairs what feels like all day, doing laundry , housework and I drink a lot of water so I pee quite often (tmi, I know) So why then am I gaining weight?! My diet could be better sure but still I really felt like I did moderate amounts of exercise more than most considering the muscle involvement in Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular focused work I tend to mostly do, the running back and forth to get clients ,paper work, changing sheets, filling oil holders, getting water for the clients for after the massage ect, ect surely I’m blasting those 10,000 steps at least on workdays right…?
Well let’s see. I started this little experiment just wearing it on a somewhat busy day of the week for me at the bigger of the two offices I work from doing massage. Thursday September 1rst was the try out. And I was horrified!!!!! According to the Fitbit I had only done 555 steps the entire day!! How. Just how could this be correct. There’s no way. So I decided to start using the treadmill my friend and client gave me and walk 10,000 every day no matter what. the first day was a struggle because I tried to do half of what I needed (5,000) and assume I would hit the other half throughout the day. Again, wrong. I found myself after dinner still needing about 4,500 steps! My partner and I grabbed the dog and went for quite a lengthy walk together. I hit 10,689 steps (yay!) But had to retake a shower because I had mis-planned my workouts. I decided the next day I would walk my 10,000 steps first thing, then take my shower and get dressed, leaving nothing to chance. 🙂 Also then any steps after that could be “extra”! Sweet. This pleases me. End of day September 2nd. Third day into my horrified Fitbit awakening I did reach and surpass my goal (hitting 15,434 steps) on what is definitely usually a very busy day for therapists, Saturday. But I still did 10,000 on the treadmill. I mentally amended my previous goal of hitting 10,000 steps per day and decided to make myself do 10,000 on the treadmill each day period with any more than 10,000 being “extra”. So what that means is even with a very busy day at work with a full schedule of four massages and making sure to walk a little extra just to get my step count up if I had not done the 10,000 steps on the treadmill I would have only had approximately half the steps recommended. This is a time for some serious reckoning. Sighs. So ends the third day Saturday September 3rd.
Day four Sunday September 4th, another full massage day, four massages but this time for the first time in my own office which is quite a bit smaller than the other one I work out of two days a week so I was curious how many steps I do there. Not great news. Unfortunately I forgot to clip it to myself until my break halfway through my workday 🙁 So I ended up with inaccurate data. My total steps from that point on were 10,318, still with 10,000 being completed on the treadmill.
Monday September 5th is a day off so I began it with my treadmill walk of 10 thou and went about my day for a complete count of 12,230. Until this day I had been walking veeerrryyy slowly, on incline 1, Speed 1. I noticed this day I could do almost incline 1, Speed 2! This was pretty cool, but it still took 100 minutes. Much longer than I really want to be on a treadmill. Hopefully I will be able to gain some speed here soon. I cant believe the walkers in that book “the Long Walk” have to keep a pace of 4 miles per hour! I would be a goner quite quickly 🙁
Tuesday September 6th I did my 10,000 steps, which took 92 minutes instead of 100 and I did interval the first hour, still on incline 1 but doing two minutes on Speed 2, one on Speed 3. And it felt pretty good! Not too much stress! Maybe tomorrow I can do intervals 3 and 4!

Wednesday September 7, I began my 10,000 steps in the morning as I have been and currently have 12,550 as of 6:38 p.m.
A few notes I do want to make are as follows. I noticed the last time I entered my current info into fitbit with the plans to get more in shape was back in May of this year, 2016. I was 228.2 pounds! Currently I am 221.6, before the beginning of the walking I had been holding steady at 223. 228.6 Is my largest weight I have ever reached! Time for some serious maintenance, as I have heard repeatedly that it gets very tough after 40 to lose weight get in shape and gain muscle. I’m 39. The chips are down, yeah?
I will be updating with pics and some things I’m using on my health journey. 🙂

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